News - Because I regularly put some new information on the site, I made a seperate link with news. I mention every change and supplement here with the date of the change. This way you can directly see all the new information, without the need to browse through the whole site.

december The ancestors of Cornelis den Houter. Click here.
september A passengerslist with the names of Jenny den Houter (great-granddaughter of Egedius Kempeneers) and her husband leonard Denhouten. Click here.
april The ancestors of Juliana van der Geer, married to Johannes Kempeneers. Click here.
march A new lay-out!!
A new member of the Kempeneers family, a daughter of Wim and Anette Kempeneers-van Duuren. Congratulations. Click here.
A new genealogy. The ancestors of Isaäc de Leeuwe, husband of Sara Elisabeth Kempeneers. Click here.
Some new biography from Dutch historic persons. Clik here.
A new link, familie gezocht. Clik here.
Another new Kempeneers genealogy. Click here.